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Why the TFT LCD could own the more excellent resolution than others related products?
OCT 7, 2014-China-TFT is refers to the thin film transistor, which means that each LCD pixel is driven by the the integrated film transistor behind the pixels. The integrated film transistor can help to display screen information with high speed, high brightness and high contrast. Frankly speaking, the TFT screen such as 8 inch tft lcd display from coti-hk.com could be regarded as one of the best LCD color display device and the effect of this kind of displaying screen is close to the CRT monitor. It is now the mainstream on the laptop and desktop display device. Each pixel of the TFT could be controlled by the integrated TFT on its own. As a result, the displaying speed could be not only greatly improved but also the contrast and brightness could also be greatly improved. At the same time, the resolution of the displaying could also reach to the high level.

The TFT LCD liquid crystal display such as 9 inch tft lcd module from coti-hk.com is one type type thin film transistor liquid crystal display. TFT LCD owns semiconductor switch for each pixel and each pixel can be directly controlled through the point of pulse. So, each pixel of this TFT is relatively independent and each node can be continuous controlled. This designation could not only improve the displaying speed but also can precisely control levels. That is why the color of the TFT LCD is more realized.

According to the designation of the TFT LCD, each pixel of this sort of displaying screen has a field effect switch tube which could be very easier for it to achieve true color displaying effect. That is why the TFT has been called the high resolution of liquid crystal display devices. Today¡¯s TFT LCD such as 3.5 inch TFT LCD has generally achieved more than 18 bit color which is also 218 colors. Some are even achieve 24 bit color. On the resolution, it already got the realization of VGA and SVGA.

It is indeed that the resolution and other performance of the TFT displaying screen will still have greatly progress in the near future as the development of related technologies. If people want to get more information about the TFT LCD or want to find the high quality supplier for this product, please do not hesitate to visit website www.coti-hk.com which could be regarded as the most excellent in the industry.

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