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Some hidden dangerous points of the bad quality bathroom mats
Sep 29, 2014-China-The bathroom mat seems fairly innocuous at first glance but there are some hidden dangers that you may not have considered. Today, the famous bathroom anti slip mat supplier www.daagle.com will tell people these factors.

Traditional rubber bath mats are notoriously difficult to keep clean underneath, due to the nature of the suction pads needed to keep it fixed in place. There is often a blackish mould that starts to appear, which could be potentially dangerous to anyone with a mould allergy. At the very least, you probably wouldn't want your baby or child sitting on it.

One of the major potential hazards of using a Printed Tablecloth is simply that you or your guests will forget to use it one time. Indeed there are some cases where the edge of the non slip mat has actually been the cause of a trip in the bath.

If you are older or have a physical disability it may be very difficult to bend down to place the mat in place properly or to keep it clean. Therefore sometimes the mould can build up and become slippery underfoot before you were aware that it had gathered there.

You may find that if you use bathroom diy stickers you have to replace them every few months as they rubber deteriorates or becomes grimy. This may hurt you bank balance, which these days is a concern for everyone.

These are just some of the reasons why people are replacing their bath mats with Anti Slip Bath Stickers from www.nonslipbath.com and why our motto here at Non Slip Bath is 'Banish the Bathmat!'.

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