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10 Factors about Buying Quality Clip in Hair Extensions
Sep 29, 2014-China-Clip In hair extensions have gained popularity the last years. In just a few minutes clip in adds volume and lengths to the hair with no stylists¡¯ assistance required.

Clip in extensions are suitable for a temporary transformation as a special event or a night out and should always be removed after.
It is a good starting point before advancing to permanent extension methods like u tips, tape in hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions and wefts.
¡°We created this 10 step clip in buying guide to give clients some insight in the jungle of buying human hair
.¡±, says Anna Labelle, CEO of www.findingdream.com , a premium hair extension company from China.

¡°Many are offering crappy extensions. Hair Extensions should be fun, fabulous and stylish yet easy and affordable. Our goal is to create a great extension experience by following these steps¡±.
This is the 10 steps checklist to consider before buying clip in hair extensions.
Real Human hair clip in extensions ensure that the clip ins blend in naturally with the users own hair which will ease the styling process. Sourcing of real human hair is expensive. A thumb rule is if a 100 gram / 3.6oz clip in extension costs less than $100 there is a high risk that there is a mix of animal or synthetic hair in the extension.
Shed Free. The extensions should be shed free; a good test is to run fingers through the extensions. The hair should glide easily through the hair and not leave hair in the hand. However it is normal that the clip in extension sheds some hair strands when they are new and when brushing through the extensions.

The clips should be tone-in tone colored stainless steel. Stainless steel clips are strong and prevent rusting when the extensions are being washed. Tone-in-tone color of the clips secure that the extensions are invisible when applied. Inside the clip there should be a tiny rubber band that will prevent the clips from gliding out of the hair.
The hair on the extension is sewn onto weft track. The track should be soft, thin and easy to bend. A double weft track ensures a thick hair density. A straight and consistent seam line on the track is a sign on professional craftsmanship.

Each clip in hairpiece should be sealed on each side of the weft, preventing shedding and that hair is sticking out on the sides.
Remy hair means that all the cuticles (protein shells on the hair surface) are facing in the same directions, as the users own hair. This prevents tangling.
When swiping some hair strands between two fingers from the ends to the roots there should be more resistance than if done the opposite way.
Do not choose the Shiny. Quality Findingdream should not look too shiny and fake looking. This means that the hair is too processed and silicone treated. It is a sign of bad quality hair. The hair should blend naturally with the users own hair.
Double draw vs Single Drawn. Double drawn means that all the hair on the extensions are picked to have the same length. Single drawn hair has a natural fade of thickness towards the end tips. Single drawn extensions are preferable since the hair will blend naturally with the users real hair grading.
Curl the hair. The extension hair should curl easily with wand. If the hair does not curl it is a sign that of over processed hair.

Choose a Clip In set that matches the users hair type. For thin hair types it is not recommended to choose a Clip In set that is too heavy. A heavy set could place too much tension on the hair roots and cause inflammations. Recommend weight is 110-120 Grams (3.9 - 4.2Oz) for thin hair types. For thick hair types a weight of 150-200 grams (5.2 -7 Oz) is recommended.

About FindingDREAM

Findingdream is the professional online seller which supplies with each client the high quality but cheap price Clip-in Hair Extensions. These people who want to find 100 % Remy Hair Cheap Clip in Hair Extensions could directly visit their official website and get the fully satisfaction.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/findingdreamcom/
Website: http://www.findingdream.com/
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