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Foam cutting machine from SANY TRADING own remarkable advantages
Aug 7, 2014-China-Currently, the foam cutting machine for the sponge on the market usually makes use of the laser system. The high temperature which generated by the laser energy could help to cut the sponge. On the other hand, as the diameter of laser beam to achieve a high accuracy and thinning level, it could totally achieve the material saving requirement. As specialized manufacturer for Foam Angle Cutting Machine, the SANY Trading Co has devoted into this industry for almost 7 years. Today, their engineer will tell people basically advantages of their foam Cutting Machine.

The Open working platform to of SANY foam cutting machine could facilitate the placement and processing of materials and it can also cooperate the working of the production ling and meet with the requirement of large format materials. Meanwhile, the matching of large-size stainless steel processing platform could make this machine become suitable for the work of large-scale on-site processing industries such as mattress processing, sponge cutting, footwear, clothing and others. On the other hand, it could also meet with the processing demand for model industry, handicraft industry, bamboo products industry and other small industries which have the relative need.

The pillow filling machine from SANY Trading also has the option of auto-focus, red light positioning and other features that make this machine become perfect and maximize its functionality. This could help to achieve the really versatile multi-purpose, time-saving and efficient. Its part the lighting makes use of the hybrid type optical light path and the lighting energy utilization rate is high. On the other hand, it applies the fully enclosed optical path which should give each operator the strong safety performance.

The controlling system of the foam cutting machine from SANY Trading Co., Ltd uses the unique intelligent predictive algorithm and improved control algorithms to ensure high-speed machining, smooth and efficient running speed. Furthermore, each operator could real-time adjust the laser energy which greatly facilitates the client¡¯s operations. Its controlling system also own very excellent built-in storage volume which could let the production process become very convenient.

Again, the high-power cutting energy automatic compensation function of the foam cutting machine from SANY let the cutting effect greatly improved (www.sanytrading.com). In short, this model of foam cutting machine truly could process a wide range of fabrics and reach the results of smoothly cutting edges without flash, automatic edges shutting, no deformation and the graphics design could be easily designed by computer and other functions.

At the end, if people really have the purchasing demand for this high quality foam cutting machine, please do not hesitate to get contact with SANY Trading Co., Ltd.

About SANY Trading Co., Ltd

SANY Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Wanjiang District, Dongguan city, Guangdong, China, Known as the ¡°Factory of the world¡±. Main products include Foam machinery ,PU pouring machinery, Sofa machinery, mattress machinery, the related accessories and raw materials which are widely used in sofas, mattresses, Automotive seats and interiors , wall thermal insulation , electronics, footwear, cleaning supplies and other industries.

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