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Realize as much as 75% in Energy Cost Savings with Kingstone Lighting¡¯s New LED Spotlight
OCT 7, 2014-China-Kingstone Lighting, a sub-division of the experienced technology manufacturer Kingstone Lighting, is excited to announce a new product for indoor and outdoor use. The GL Procyon Series-Flood Light (SP100W-CW/WW), using only 100W of power, provides the equivalent amount of light as a 400W mercury lamp. Kingstone Lighting's new lighting solution is designed for use in Architectural Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Spot Lighting, Security Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Construction Lighting, Park Lighting, Stadium Lighting, Public Place Lighting, as well as other indoor and outdoor settings.

With a life-time of more than 20,000 hrs (more than six times as long as the average mercury lamp life-time) and an energy savings rate of 75% over mercury lamps, users such as a car dealer could reduce his monthly lighting bill by simply replacing his car lot mercury lamps with Kingstone Lighting's GL-SP100 Procyon Series solar powered led lamp. Moreover, this car dealer would also realize a reduction of his CO2 emissions from 1,120kgs per year to 284kgs per year for each spotlight used. In short, Kingstone Lighting's GL-SP100 Procyon Series LED spotlights are both environmentally and business friendly.

With no warm-up time required as well as very low heat emission levels, the all-new Procyon Series - GL-SP100 led panel have no harmful UV or IR radiation emissions and operate at power efficiency levels of greater than 80%. Taking an AC power source input voltage of 100-240V, these LED spotlights can operate in temperatures ranging from -20¡ãC to +40¡ãC and be positioned with a beam angle of 30o or 60o as desired. Dust-proof and able to withstand high-powered jets of water, Kingstone Lighting's GL-SP100 Procyon Series LED spotlights are perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. Offering a 2 year warranty, Kingstone Lighting stands behind the quality of each GL-SP100 Procyon Series they manufacture.

Power Consumption: 100W
Input Voltage: 100-277VAC
Luminous Flux (lm): 5,060lm (CW)/4,000lm(WW)
Luminous Efficacy: 50lm/W(CW)/40lm/W(WW)
Operating Temp. Range: -20¡ãC to +40¡ãC
CCT: 3000K (WW)/6000K(CW)
CRI: >80(WW)/>70(CW)
Beam Angle: 30o/60o
Warranty: 2 years

GL-SP100 Procyon Series LED Spotlight Features
For indoor/outdoor use
Low power consumption ¨C energy-saving green product
Power conversion efficiency > 90%
Power factor > 0.98 at 115VAC; Power factor > 0.95 at 230VAC
Lifetime > 20,000 hrs
Eco-friendly: RoHS Compliant
No UV, no IR, & no mercury
IP65 dust proof
Cool operating temperature & no warm-up

Excellent LED lighting products you can trust
Design of LED lighting products is based on three core technologies including electrical design (LED drivers), mechanical design (cooling devices), and optical design (lamp holders), respectively performed by GlacialPower, GlacialTech, and Kingstone Lighting in the GlacialTech family. With the three core technologies in hand, GlacialTech has integrated all the resources required for exceptional designs and manufactures excellent LED lighting products you can trust.

Advantages and benefits of LED lighting compared to traditional lighting
For indoor/outdoor use
No warm-up time in cold environments: LEDs don¡¯t require warm-up time like conventional CLFs
No harmful radiation and no hazardous metals: LEDs don¡¯t emit harmful radiation such as Ultraviolet or Infrared emitting halogen lamps and don¡¯t contain hazardous metals such as mercury contained in mercury lamps
Extremely long lifetimes free users from frequent lamp replacement
Extremely small carbon footprints: an environmentally-friendly technology

About www.kingstone-lighting.com

Kingstone Lighting, located in Shenzhen China, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing LED lighting products. Our main products: LED light bulb, LED spotlight, LED tube, LED down light, LED Corn lights and more. Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries or regions. They are widely applied for residential and commercial illumination, such as house, office, hotel, restaurant, library, hospital and so on. We insist on the idea Save Energy, Go Green, Start from Us, and consider high quality, competitive price, fast delivery along with high credibility as our business principles

Shenzhen Kingstone Lighting Co., Ltd
Email: sales@kingstone-lighting.com
Skype: maisielin90
Website: http://www.kingstone-lighting.com/
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