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Five options for the camera of FPV equipments form model airplanes
OCT 21, 2014-America-One of the crucial parts of FPV equipments should be the camera. The tip about how to select the suitable camera should be the main concerned factor of each model aircraft operator. Therefore, learning the basically information about how to select the fitting camera is very necessary for each operator. This article was specific written by editor from famous T-Motor online seller foxtechfpv.com to spread information about the selection of model airplane used camera.

The first choice should be the simple camcorder camera with the conventional. It could be direct installed on the aircraft and this device could only record the image in the flying process. People will not get the real-time video which could only be seen after recovering the aircraft.

The second choice is the single camera that own optional lens. This kind of camera could transform the photographed contents to operator¡¯s displaying terminal to achieve FPV controlling. However, the playback effect of this camera is very normally Because of its badly signal transmission.

The thirdly option is the camera and the recording card. This combination could achieve the aerial and ground simultaneous video recording but the video quality of the record card is relatively poor and the total cost of recording card and camera is very uneconomical.

The fourth selection is the card Camera which needs to be equipped with the wide-angle lens. This choice is the suitable choice for these people who want to experience the real FPV operating. The 1080P HD wide-angle recording, high quality video output and build-in record card let this camera become the good choice for model airplane lovers.

The last selection should be the tachograph which also owns the wide-angle lens. The selecting range of the tachograph is very broad. It could be mainly divided into the genera; definition type, standard definition, high definition and others. Of course, the price of these different kinds of tachograph is also varied. Tachographes from video channel online seller www.foxtechfpv.com all have the wide-angle lens. The functions such as video record, video output and others are all integrated into this device. It also owns a set of battery and LCD screen.

In addition to above five options, foxtechfpv.com could also provide many other choices depending on consumers¡¯ own demand. To know more information, please visit their online selling platform.

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