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Five Tips for Maintaining the High Operating Performance of Your Laminator
A helpful tool for your office, school or home, rotogravure printing press makes it easy to protect important documents and extend the life of projects. Of course, you want your laminating machine to last as long as the presentation materials it preserves. Ensure the longevity of your hardworking laminator with these easy tips.

Clean your laminator
While this may seem like a given, cleaning your laminator is a crucial step to preserve the life of your laminating equipment. Regular cleaning for your machine could better guarantee that your laminated material comes out smoothly without bubbles or creasing. Consult your machine¡¯s manual for specific instructions before beginning the cleaning process.

Turn it off when not in use
Shutting down your laminator when you¡¯re finished not only saves energy but helps protect the motor. Many laminators rely on heat to seal laminate; you can reduce the risk of fire and injury by turning your machine off after the normally using.

Protect the cord from fraying
Anything from moving furniture around your office to accidentally tripping over thepaper cutter¡¯s cord can cause it to fray or break, which may cause your laminator to lose power or result in an electrical fire. Keep the laminator away from high-traffic areas and secure the cord to a non-visible space to keep it out of the way.

No sharp object, glitter or metallic allowed
As a general rule, sticking sharp objects into machines is never a good idea. Objects such as scissors and knives can destroy silicone on the rollers, which may result in needing to repair or replace the machine. Glitter and metallic materials can also do serious damage and should not be used with your laminator. If these materials get on the rollers, it will be difficult for the machine to transfer heat, which ultimately renders it useless.

Do not laminate anything heavy
Although laminating your child¡¯s coin collection may seem like a good project idea, refrain from sending heavy objects such as wood and coins through your laminator. Attempting to laminate heavy objects can ruin your machine and destroy the objects you send through it.
A few simple steps will safeguard your laminator¡¯s effectiveness for years to come. If you would like help choosing the perfect laminator for your needs, contact Kingsun machinery. Browse an extensive selection of laminators for the home or office.
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