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Whiteboard animation is undoubtedly around the rise, but what makes this easy medium so well-liked? Erik Oakland, co-founder at TruScribe, claims a rise within the use of €markers, pens, tablets and drawing as an alternative of technology, PowerPoint in distinct,€ is at the heart on the development of whiteboard animation (or €video scribing€ for you techies). Customers want facts, not design, and organizations are responding with videos that engage, educate, and explain.

And persons like it.

UPS' well-known 2007 €What Can Brown Do For you?€ whiteboard animations kicked off a rush of explanatory videos that educated buyers about technical information. On the other hand, the rise of whiteboard animation exploded with the Royal Society on the Arts' (RSA) 2009, 14-part video series. Andrew Park scribed guest lectures about economics and psychology into simple graphic pictures, and within months the RSA had over 50 million views, producing it the #1 non-profit YouTube channel on the planet. But why?

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Scribing is a good solution to inform a story. In it is simplest kind, whiteboard animation is a moving storyboard, presenting the bare bones of an thought in a concise, narrative format. Images coupled with text and symbols - like arrows and query marks - produce a dialogue involving the customer and solution whilst moving them by way of an notion step by step - in order. Whiteboards don't let the viewer wander.

On the other hand, time is in the essence. Most whiteboard animations should be brief - 60-90 seconds. The most effective whiteboards introduce users to new tips without having overwhelming them with data - that comes later. Whiteboards are a terrific method to inform a story or welcome a user, but their ultimate objective will be to clarify. They just ought to be used successfully.

Erik Oakland suggests keeping it short - 2 to 5 mins, max - when coping with detailed facts, and he's not alone. Several years ago, people today would have scoffed at a video teaching ideas as complicated as quantum tunneling, and Schroedinger's cat in 60-seconds, but Henry Reich at Minute Physics, has completed just that with over 100 videos and millions of views. Khan Academy, ViHart, and It is Ok to become Sensible are just a few examples of edgy, intellectual scribers reaching millions of customers.

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Buyers crave facts. Whiteboard animation offers that, by way of clear, concise explanation - and individuals are responding. So, ahead of wasting time, energy, and cash on marketing and advertising strategies or complicated analytics, listen to what millions of customers are clamoring for and head back for the drawing board. You will be shocked by what you discover.
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