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Basically introduction about the newly daily driving device-self balancing scooter
Aug 25, 2014-China-Self balancing scooter from famous China supplier Wind Rover which is also called intelligent balanced car has been gradually become the new popular trend of today¡¯s people¡¯s transportation method. The operation principle of this product is mainly based on the basically factor which is known as ¡°Dynamic stability¡± which could be concluded into the application of the body internal gyroscope and accelerometer to detect the change of the car body posture and then making use the servo control system to accurately drive motor to adjust accordingly. That could be regarded as the main reason why this scooter could keep the balance in the process of driving.

The working principle of the www.wind-rover.com is similar to the people body¡¯s own balance system. When people¡¯s body center of gravity is forward, people need to step forward to keep the body balance position. On the other hand, if the center of gravity of people¡¯s body weight is backward, people need to step backward accordingly. Furthermore, the electric car achieves the steering motion by the hand and the telescopic rod. The swinging by people¡¯s hand will let two wheels around the vehicle to produce speed difference that could be better help to reach to the effect of steering.

As the introduction from the supplier www.wind-rover.com, the mainly energy supplying of this kind of newly kind of vehicle should be the lithium-ion battery pack. The single time of charging could guarantee the range of 20 to 30 kilometers¡¯ driving distance and a top speed of 15 km per hour. When it is in the process of riding, people could only need to need put the joystick toward the direction that they need and then the body of the self balancing scooter will be pointed to the related direction. When the joystick has been putted at the middle position, the system will run the self balancing scooter toward the front direction. When people turn the lever, the system will control the speed of the left and right sides¡¯ speed and the speed difference of both side of wheel will help to achieve steering. However, people will have better opportunity to experience the new steering feeling.

In a word, with the cost rising of this kind of electrical products, each people will gradually enjoy the benefit of the electric unicycle in the near future. To know more information about this electrical bike, please do not hesitate to visit website www.wind-rover.com .

About wind-rover.com

We are professional China manufacturer and supplier for Electric self Balancing Scooter and other related electrical transporting equipments. Our first class quality and lowest price could totally meet with each client¡¯s demand.

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