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Sinspen Limited offers their clients the high quality customized promotional pens and pencils
Sep 7, 2014-China-Sinspen Limited, the number one source for customized advertising pens and pencils, is now offering an affordable line of traditional solid and modern mechanical pencils for companies who wish to connect with clients who are primarily pencil users.

Sinspen Limited the number one source forLiquid Chalk Pens and pencils around the world, is pleased to now offer a line customized pencils for companies who wish to reach out to their clients with a convenient and affordable branded pencil.

Do not let clients who primarily use pencils feel left out! Reach out to accountants, engineers, teachers, students, draftspersons, carpenters, writers, and many more with a customized advertising pencil. Just like a promotional pen, a pencil branded with a logo and contact information is another great way for a company to promote themselves with their clients.

Sinspen Limited now offers a number of quality pencils from BIC, Silver Blossom, Fame and Helix. Sinspen Limited¡¯ selection of high-quality pencils includes a wide variety of eye-catching designs and colors, constructed with wood or 50% recycled plastic and graphite lead, and mechanical push-action pencils with top or side-mounted push-action mechanisms. For solid pencils, choose from the traditional BIC Pencil Solids and BIC Ecolutions Evolutions lines. For mechanical pencils, choose from the BIC Clic-Matic, as well as from designs by Silver Blossom, Fame and Helix, each of which comes with a handy pocket clip and comfort grips.

Each pencil comes with a built-in eraser at its tip, and is fully customizable. Logos and company information can be imprinted in one of sixteen different colors, and some mechanical pencil designs allow a short message to be printed on the pocket clip as well ¨C a convenient place for a website address. At a cost of less than $2 each, these pencils are a fast, convenient and unique way for any company, with any budget, to get their brand into their clients¡¯ hands.

For more information on how Sinspen Limited can help companies reach their clients with an affordable promotional pen such as logo pen, please visit website according to the following information.

About Sinspen Limited www.sinspen.com

As a pen manufacturer, SINSPEN offer a variety of types of pens. Our pens are manufactured to a high quality level, and are reliable and durable. Buying wholesale pens from a reputable pen company and pen manufacturer is a great way for companies to ensure they have enough of this important piece of office equipment.

Sinspen Limited
Website: www.sinspen.com
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